A Beautiful Peace

In times foretold yet still unknown

We face tribulations we’ve never known

Unseen things breaking historical records more than ever in so many things

People wondering what the next month will be

As the normal which there is none

depends on you and me

Face masks, lockdowns told to stay in

These are new and quite different things

Yet all so scary and unknown alone

It’s all in his word

of the greatest book in history

Things were foretold in the Bible for years

Staying of these things that must happen before Jesus returns

It feels so wrong

So scary and cold

But that’s just it

That is what is

However it’s meant





No self control

Disobedience taking hold

Slander in street and towns everywhere

Love for themselves and money as well

For love one another has become lost in the crowds

Boastful and proud people become

Stuck in betrayal of any and all kind

The love of God becoming nothing over time

As love of ones self is what we now see and find

The big word call for our worst difficult times

Yet the rapture we have not pre-recorded that day

Real time not delayed

All these things are what the Bible says

The people will become cruel and filled in with hate

Those times we see the good book foretold

Yet those who stand strong only fight to survive

Believers sit in wait as they see the coming of the lord

But hold to truth that even their own says are numbered

That they will be tested and asked to denounce what they do long believe again the word says this is the way it must be before the coming end

Nothing will be sacred to all that don’t believe

For they will have love for themselves

They will be hateful and unforgiving

They’re honor become none

Slandering others is what they believe

Being reckless and unappreciative

The will betray those most loved and important once before

Yes even friends and family as well

Loving their pleasure and not God

The godly way will become forgotten and lost

Not one will still atone for their sins

But the believers who sit and wait God’s coming ahead

They will claim to be religious

But have no eyes for living in the good of godly life

Scoffing God

Without forgiveness or beliefs

Yes these are the most untold times we live in

The time we fear and are scared

But remember that God has always said in everything he’s ever thought us

I am with you do not fear

So remember to be strong


And filled in love

Those are what the world needs most of all

As said from the above

Times will become the worst evil we’ve seen as times untold creep out and take hold

Looking for God, and to God in these days is the strongest we need

This may not sound in any way good

However it’s been told in the Bible that it’s meant to be

So not think of all the negative you see

Turn it around and see the beautiful peace

Yes I know hearing that sounds so wrong

But see it as I see it

As believers we can be the voice of the world in yet the hardest time of need

We can show love to the lost and prepare them for the coming day

should they hear and listen to what we say

It is a time for testing of one’s self

A time for testing before God in our own faith

It may be very scary

Though it’s beautiful peace

For this is the Christian’s most important time

This is when we lean hardest on our faith for we are afraid

However faith over fear dear one

He is with us even through the worst of our days

This is the hardest but most beautiful thing

For as we move forward through every obstacle, trial and tribulation

We also move closer to him

The beautiful peace

that we have all waited to see

To be with Christ I’m eternal life

To not be alone

but to see Christ face to face

It’s such a beautiful peace

Go out and be deciples

Brethren and friends

Even if they hate and mocked you

You planted a seed and ignited a flame

The rest is in they’re own choice to believe

Be the strongest Christian you’d ever had to be

Don’t let the the world decide us

or society tell us who to hate

Don’t live of the work and earthy life

Live of the word that you’ve been taught

It’s a beautiful peace

for the highest rise for Christians in life

For this means he is coming

That he will soon be bringing us to his kingdom after such long years, centuries and decades

This is our time to rise and do the work for God proclaiming our faith and relationship with him till the day we go home to be with him

Sour days are numbered for each and everyone of us let them see the good in you and make this all count

This is why it’s a beautiful peace

This is YOUR time to grow and prosper

This is your time to broaden and expand yourself knowledge or others to hear

This is your choice to stand for what you believe

To help others see this in real life as well

Be the outreach you want to see

Be the living beautiful peace

For many believe including me

We are currently among and living in the last days

Below I have attached some things said in the word foretold of that which God has taught us and said in his word the most famous book of centuries and decades beyond still to this day the Greatest story ever told


The end days is fast approaching people can laugh and mock won’t be the 1st time, the majority of travelers have a bible it’s all in there written almost 2000 years ago and it’s happening now I’m not worried as many as well but come to peace knowing that you, we have made it this far surrender your life to him for God has the controls we soon will finally be meeting him face to face as he told so long ago and made it clearly known

Live now in beautiful peace

Mark 16:15
And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone

Powerful Message You’ll Want To See

don’t pass this by his words are pure and mean a lot more than a world of hate and separation and decide

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