The Man Of Honor

In honor you stand

In glory and mercy you teach

In love you bring hope

In me you find honor

I me you believe

In me you give truth

A gift you have given to all who live is eternal life by the foot of the cross

Blessed is the believer

Believing in you

Saved are the ones who have turned to you

Love is the greatest you have to give

No other can match what you’ve gave

Glory is the manifestation of Gods the father you give

“let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father in heaven”.

Let man understand his need for you in his life situations

Only you can understand the hearts of the many who are lost and have fallen apart

Only you can give salvation to those who accept

Trust in your word is the true test of faith

Believing in you is the faith learned and reached

Salvation is the gift you chose to share by love

Love is the greatest of it all

Today is your story for always

No one has a story like you

Faith in the hilltop

To your father above

Is where you would preach

Sharing the story of your journey for life

Through you I am loved

Through you I am saved

Through you I gain access to the kingdom and external life from the grave

The man of honor is you

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