Stand By Me Lord

You raise me up

You stand me strong

You make a sturdy foundation beneath my feet

You bring me up from the darkest of my unknown

You accept me in even if I turn you down

You’re love so abundant I’m overwhelmed

You promised you would never abandon me and that you definitely haven’t

You’ve shown me my paths ahead and lead me through and through

Even when I’ve faltered you’ve put me upon a pedestal here in front of you

You’ve shown me grace

You’ve shown me hope

You’ve loved me on and on never waking out

For this I can not ask for more

You’ve outnumbered all that I could even count

I am nothing within myself

But with you am have all the power

You’ve given me forever life even for if I were dead

You think the world of me

I could not imagine how life would be had I not had your hand

Stand by me lord

Always guide me ahead

You lead when I am lost and stray

Your the best of things that has happened to me

Take away the hate of people and fill it with blessings

That they may see you as I do

Only you are in control and can make it right

Bless the nation lord and every town

Be with us in all we do

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