One In The Same- United As One

United as one no color the same

Not on religion named

Not all different in race

Seen in the eyes of faith

Not one eye closed and one eye open

We bleed the same

We breath the same air

With the same breath

All sight looks the same

No color In dominance

Our hearts all beat the same

maybe in different rhythm but still the same

Making us each unique

Yet still United’s one in the same

Each of us all the same

Boy or girl your still human

We are all united as one in color, race and humanity

Unique in our own way but all the same

Even the disabilities we may have can not separate us from the eyes of faith

No matter how hard you try to rearrange each of us and separate each

Seen in the eyes of faith we always remain the same

There is no difference

There is no hate

It’s seen in the face of faith

It’s called love

That’s the problem with those who hate

It’s not separation or difference

It’s they have not enough love

They may not know love

Spread the love

Help them feel the presence of God

Let them see through the eyes of faith

Let them see one color

One race

That we all are mankind

All in the same

United as one

Not one separate or different of the other

We are one in the same

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