Help In The Location Of Linda Stoltzfoos

Linda Stoltzfoos

Police are asking for help in the disappearance of Linda Stoltzfoos with specific requests details if you meet any of the requests they are asking that you contact the police with the information given in this article

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Prayer For Comfort- Remembering Linda Stoltzfoos’s Family And Friends

Lord cover all fear, misunderstandings and discomfort in your wings of light

Let there be hope where none may be seen

Ease our spirit of this horrible sadness of the pain we see admits the missing of Linda Stoltzfoos

I feel for her family and am in deep hopes of her return as I touches me in so many ways for I myself know an Amish family with that name as well and with so many loving children

I understand the loss of a child on so many levels from my own difficult and different situations in my life

I wholeheartedly feel pain may you ease that pain, discomfort, sadness may you bring peace to the deeper intimate feelings lingering there

May you bring close gatherings and support of leaning into each other for help to those hurting doing it safely in amongst the pandemic and riots and social distancing giving peace and comfort to those in need

May you restore any hearts that draw too near in relation to the story and family to pull themselves out of their deep wounds brining them inner peace instead

May you draw close to them and help to lead them to the acceptance of the trials amongst them right now and the acceptance of her disappearance right now to help them try to find comfort and prepare them for the unknown of your work and will whatever that my be

Linda would have wanted nothing more than for her family and friends to triumph in the Lord not in misunderstanding of her loss

Help each of us to draw most of all closer to you and be a voice for someone else’s need in honoring her memories

Ease this sadness pain God pull anyone out of the beginning of depressed states leading into depression let them see that though this is a very sorrowful situation that in you there is still bright light shining through and that it’s not the end as they may be feeling

In Jesus Name

I ask these requests of comfort and peace even within myself as well


God Covers It All

There is no one like our God

There is no separation

No life, no death, no culture or race

There is nothing that can separate us from God

For his blood covers us all

His gifts include us all

His life and forgiveness covers all our sin

There is nothing that they can take away

God covers all charges against us in life and death

From the foot of the cross

To human law

To heavens above

God covers all

Bring it to him

turn it over and let go

Let God lead

Release your burdens that tell you differently

That’s lies that Satan brings

Take you life

give it in exchange to God

instead of being afraid

Only then can god truly lead

Let got and let God

Let God make you free and lead

You could try to imagine what life would be like with Christ one day

But no one can imagine what he truly gave by his life and how big the gift

Not even in understanding the truth can imagination expose the image he plays

Being in his presence

In experience and life

Is the only true way to bring image of Christ

For until you have felt and seen and spoke it all

You shall continue to faulted and fall

Yet in Christ we are covered I all

And when we fall we fall together

We live and don’t die

We live free and at peace

There is no violence and war

For in it God covers all

Hope Forever A Faithful Name

The stronger we walk in his name

The louder we speak in his name

The glory that covers for all to claim

There is power within his name

Faith outlived in numbers unseen

A dream, one who is witness can only see

Words unspeakable

Speechless and ecstatic in likeness the same

His power covers all seen and unseen that when they speak holy of his glorious name

Piercing ones spirits

In unnumbered amount

Giving the crown of Glory

To share as one in his name

Hope forever a faithful name

Faith forever claimed in His name

Stand In Strength

Let not your heart be troubled

Let your souls ride upon the wind

Be at peace amongst land and sea

When we fall we fall together

When we stand we stand together

Standing in strength

Let not your heart be troubled

The lord has done great things

In the midst of his name

Miracles unnamed

Dreams to reality

Amazing things you can not hide

Live in faith

Hold your fears

Let not your heart be troubled

Let your souls ride upon the wind

Quiet the storm bonding you tight

Peace be still within you

In The Eyes Of Faith

In the eyes of faith you see beauty

You see progress

You see the storyline of the stories untold

There isn’t anybody out there like you

You know the whole story

even before we walk it

You know how it will end

You see us as a whole

To what we do not see

In the eyes of faith

you see the good in me

You see the great design

Hidden from my eyes

You see the story untold that binds to me

You see the faith in me I do not see

Seeing through the eyes of faith you see making of my history

My journey

My story

You laid the canvas for me to design

On the foundation you placed for me to work on

You see with the eyes of faith

what I can not

The Master’s Hand

I breathe in air

The air fills my lungs

Bringing me to life

Every beat of my heart is of you

I have life because of you

I feel the beat

I feel the beat

My blood pumping throughout my veins

They try to take my last breath

They try to persecute me and kill me

Though together we rise in the air I breath

And the life you give my heart

When we fall

Should we fall

We with fall together

Nothing can separate us

With our differences

We are still the same

We breath the same

Our heart beats the same beats as one

We all bleed the same in color and the same blood

We are all of the same hands that created us

You, of your masters hand

Each bone in us is built the same

All spirits broken and wounded the same

Giving us a broken heart

Yet you mend it all the same

You put us back together and make us whole again giving us once again life

Pulling us from the darkness and dead of night

Every soul standing by your side in hope in wonder of your love