Song Of The Nightingale

A lark is in the meadow
Sing a song of harmony
The wheat waves in the wind
The grain falling to the ground
Night peaks and falls
As the nightingale sings between the howling of the wolf
The breeze is cool
Summer love
A song of another kind
Makes a highlight into the night
She sees him from a distance
The pain he holds develops him so much more
Pale skinned and fair
He walks upon the lilies
Sunrise breaks and he comes alive
All will be alright
Night fall bringing darkness to the night
Cool air whistling past
Whispers in the wind as God says my name
I’m working on his term as silence falls around me
When you can’t speak and the words don’t come out when you try and the words come out wrong when the silence deafens the night captivating time
When your heart tries so hard to sing out your song
Though none can hear
Taking pain you let the silence of the night overtake the sanity you have left
For your voice is strong but the words fail as you try to speak and silence falls
With no voice
You can not sing
So you sit and listen to the nightingale’s song
It’s the only song you know
as talking you can not do
Shying away from all who pass you by
Sad eyes looking away
No voice is what you know
Though no one knows you
For your different and they don’t try
Sad eyes don’t lie
The speak the deepest words they never lie
The nightingale’s song is all that you know
She breaks the silence with her beauty
Speaking for you
When you can not
Mute is what you are familiar with
Tearing you down creating pain
Wishing other would understand and try
For the nightingale’s song speaks all for you
With the words you can not say
Drops of rain falling on your face
Washing all thoughts of doubt away
For you see the beauty deep within you of how different you are
Pretending to be what you can not
Torn into pieces you sit and cry
For your so misunderstood and mocked
But the song of the nightingale brings all those thoughts out and drys them out
Making you alive

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