Muddy Waters, Walk Of Faith

Water rising

Currents turning

White tides churning

Muddy water getting strong

Holding strong to faith that you’re safe and sturdy in the rushing muddy mess

Lifting step by step you carry on

Known treachery could deem at any time

In the muddy rush you walk

Praying every step you take

Jesus once calmed and parted waters so on you lead in faith and believe

Knowing all things are possible in him

That he tells you do not fear

You hold your head high and believe that you are safe among the obstacle ahead

The rains lift

The sun shines bright as heaven

The water begins to recede

Knowing you held strong to faith

That your alive and well despite the mucky mess

Faith over fear is what you know best

You know you could have drowned in the muddy mess

But you stayed strong and faced on instead

God leading you each step of the way while he carried you on the toughest snags you crossed

Faith over fear God tells us in his word

And trusting that in muddy waters full of barreling hurtles is tough alone

But trusting the rushing waters to let you through is even harder as it’s unknown

Yet unknown isn’t always bad

For in sometime you come out on the other side no lover living in fear

Facing your faith upfront head on

If you focus and let God lead the way

He’ll open the closed gates where you can’t see your way even on the brightest day

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