The Man Of Many Miracles

The man of many miracles

His name Jesus Christ

King of the Jews

Torn down and humiliated, mocked and betrayed by his name

He raised the dead giving life again

He gave the blind men sight

He walked on water a story of faith that no one could do not you or I

He gave new life to sinners

Healed the broken and sick

This very man called Jesus

Wants to save you too

Save you broken whatever your story

Whatever you’re going through he wants to

Take it from your worry

Giving you a road less broken

a road indestructible and strong

That no man or Satan can break and tear down

Open your heart to him and ask him for his lead

He will never abandon you or leave you on as the side of the road to die

He is a man of many miracles and stories to his name

That takes the broken and lost souls

Giving them life again

Making them whole

Sharing his many miracles

Which changes it all

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