As He Prays

One man sits silently in prayer

Pleading to his father not to send him there

In hope his father has a listening ear

He sits and prays that he take this burden away

His father replies son. You must do this right

You must do this to save many a life

Obediently he gathers heart

Knowing this would be his final hour

That he face death to save a world

Knowing he had done no wrong he accepted wearily to honor his word

Soon it would be his very last breath

As Jesus hangs on a cross and dies

Not looking back

To save you and I out of love for his father and all mankind alike

Saying it is finished he hangs his head in pain one last breath to claim his very name

All this to save you and I

The hope he gave us all

Knowing that though we’re broken

Christ has cleaned us all

Erasing charge for all the wrongs and sins we’ve done

Giving us salvation

A light of hope as we’re promised new life

Everlasting and forever with him

So now that one man who sat on that hill and prayed is now us

Thanking him for his finest gift and hanging on in faith

We now sit in silence and quietly sit and pray

Praying to our father in heaven

Who’s only an ear away

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