The Truth About Coronavirus

A Friends Message Needs To Be Heard

This is so saddening to hear and watch very heart breaking, but i am so glad Sharon and her family are opening these thoughts and experiences to the world and able to say their goodbyes by honoring their father in this way and helping to make others aware of how bad this virus is and teaching them. I am saddened and sorry that they didn’t get a greeting or a goodbye from him but his story will grow and live on. His honor will be heard. I love you guys and the truth you got out. Again I’m so sorry.

Two nurses at Montgomery hospital

This is a story about my friends father whom died of covid-19 please watch yes it may be heart wrenching but it needs to be said and heard too many are still going out. For the sake of yourselves safety and the safety of your loved ones who any of you could never come home or spend time together forcefully by not being able to be with your lived one or them with you if you contract the virus and not just forcefully worldly. This is not a joke to be taken lightly. You will share with others if you contract the virus risking lives of yourselves and loved ones but also lives of total strangers and their loved ones as well and the virus goes on. Please stay home and save lives. I want to thank my friend and her family for spreading this word around it will go far and honor your father. Please share this and may everyone truly understand the bitter serious heartbreak and the truth of the dangers of going out and the virus itself. Please take the time to watch and deeply listen to this family’s story. They never got to say goodbye and this is the closest thing they will get to that which doesn’t even measure up. These girls went to High school with me i want to get this story out and help people realize the risks at hand here and why the government wants us home confined. Not everyone gets symptoms with this and you may not know you have the virus and only be a carrier but even then you can still risk the lives of others and not only them but their families also. Yes I agree social distancing is not what we’ve ever wanted and not the easiest; but it is the easiest way to save lives and it WILL save lives if everyone helps out it also will protect others from getting sick some VERY SERIOUSLY sick. Stay Home and rather than giving into going out lift a prayer for comfort that God will help your will to abide by the stay and home orders. Read a book, write a letter to someone and send it in the mail like the old days, listen to audio books or music, do a craft project, draw, paint or color, do a puzzle or play a game, if you have a gaming system or the internet use them. THIS ISN’T A JOKE FOLKS. THIS IS REAL AND THE WORST EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL PAIN YOU WILL EVER FEEL AND EXPERIENCE IF YOUR FAMILY IS ONE WHO BECOMES A SUFFERER AND NEVER MAKES IT HOME.

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