Song Of The Nightingale

A lark is in the meadow
Sing a song of harmony
The wheat waves in the wind
The grain falling to the ground
Night peaks and falls
As the nightingale sings between the howling of the wolf
The breeze is cool
Summer love
A song of another kind
Makes a highlight into the night
She sees him from a distance
The pain he holds develops him so much more
Pale skinned and fair
He walks upon the lilies
Sunrise breaks and he comes alive
All will be alright
Night fall bringing darkness to the night
Cool air whistling past
Whispers in the wind as God says my name
I’m working on his term as silence falls around me
When you can’t speak and the words don’t come out when you try and the words come out wrong when the silence deafens the night captivating time
When your heart tries so hard to sing out your song
Though none can hear
Taking pain you let the silence of the night overtake the sanity you have left
For your voice is strong but the words fail as you try to speak and silence falls
With no voice
You can not sing
So you sit and listen to the nightingale’s song
It’s the only song you know
as talking you can not do
Shying away from all who pass you by
Sad eyes looking away
No voice is what you know
Though no one knows you
For your different and they don’t try
Sad eyes don’t lie
The speak the deepest words they never lie
The nightingale’s song is all that you know
She breaks the silence with her beauty
Speaking for you
When you can not
Mute is what you are familiar with
Tearing you down creating pain
Wishing other would understand and try
For the nightingale’s song speaks all for you
With the words you can not say
Drops of rain falling on your face
Washing all thoughts of doubt away
For you see the beauty deep within you of how different you are
Pretending to be what you can not
Torn into pieces you sit and cry
For your so misunderstood and mocked
But the song of the nightingale brings all those thoughts out and drys them out
Making you alive

A Soldier’s Creed

Blood and sand streak my face

My heart beats fast against my chest

While my ghosts haunt me both day and night

Never letting me to my rest

I am a Soldier

My soul rests upon the land

I fight for lives and for your freedom

Praying up my thoughts to God that he lead me the way that’s best

Here I walk in faith upon the sands of time

I do not walk alone

For he walks with me always and forever to the very end

He never lets me go from his sights or protection

Here I walk beside him walking in the sand

I do not stand alone

For the Angels cover me as I fight the battles for your land and home

I will trust upon His lead

For I am a soldier in fights for freedoms and protection of all humanity and country

I do not walk in unfamiliar paths

Not knowing the risk I take upon the way

For I do it out of love and honor for God, freedoms, others and my country

I am never alone

For God travels with me each and every day leading the safest way

He stays always with me protecting me and never abandoning my way

Psalm 5:8

Lead me in the right path, O Lord, or my enemies will conquer me. Make your way plain for me to follow.

Psalm 27:11

Teach me how to live, O Lord. Lead me along the right path, for my enemies are waiting for me.

Jeremiah 31:9

Tears of joy will stream down their faces, and I will lead them home with great care. They will walk beside quiet streams and on smooth paths where they will not stumble.

A Soldier’s Dream

He chose a journey all his own

Journeying our to the deep unknown

A lost soul filled in fear for new comings and new beginnings

Silent and kept to himself

he stay until day break

and dawn rise

Until he learned to open up and trust

He never knew how to pray

He never knew how to trust until sorrows broke his paths and way

His weakness pulling him deep within

Until he began to pray he never knew trust and faith

He never knew his strength remained

Life stricken I prayed to him to see me through

Taking away all my sorrow and shame I prayed for the gift of strength to remain in grace

He knows not of the storm for he is the storm pulling us through what blocks our ways

He became our hiding place

For broken hearts that seek the good

They would not be broken seeking heaven

Had the world held their joy

Once lost souls

Made forever whole

Loosing the weak and gaining strength

Once walking a journey all his own

Dies with honor from nations everywhere unlisted by names

No longer lost

Found by honor

In God whom saves

Honor in services he had to train and learn

Faith he’d never known

Death that may have taken him so suddenly

In Faith he died believing and free

Serving God and country

Now looking down with these words of praise still as he would believe saying…

Do not stand over my grave and weep

I’m forever a part of history

I’m in your memories forever long

Be proud of me and praise Him who trained me in all I knew

Once bonded to fear and suffering soul

I was found and given honor in him above

Given my own freedoms

After I helped gain freedom for you

Don’t be sad for I am free and ecstatic like never before

Send praises of thanks up to him for me

This is beauty you can never imagine on your own

Don’t stand over my grave and weep

Be proud of me and happy for me

I know I am not there

I don’t sleep

I do not fear my restlessness I’ve released

I am the gentle autumn rain

Blowing across your face in the frail wind of the autumn’s breeze

Hush now friend

I may be silent now

But I am with you

morning,day and night

No need for sleep

Faith is what I need now

He who covers me within his wings

keeping me strong and safe

Do not stand over my grave and weep

Fill yourself with praise

I am free

I have been saved

Do not cry for I have not gone away

Do not walk away in sorrow

I have met a better tomorrow

For today is mine

Yesterday was my journey into faith

But now you need to see and believe

Do not stand there and cry

For even though I have left I have not died

I am forever free with He who saved me

Forever in eternity

I chose this journey

It was my story that I made

Go and tell of all my historic memories

Do not be in shame

It’s still me

I still remain the same

In your memories is now my faith journey

Honor me

Just as Christ and you are free

Realize I am now also free

Do not cry over me

I am your memories and your dreams

I have not died and forever live on a new life

Muddy Waters, Walk Of Faith

Water rising

Currents turning

White tides churning

Muddy water getting strong

Holding strong to faith that you’re safe and sturdy in the rushing muddy mess

Lifting step by step you carry on

Known treachery could deem at any time

In the muddy rush you walk

Praying every step you take

Jesus once calmed and parted waters so on you lead in faith and believe

Knowing all things are possible in him

That he tells you do not fear

You hold your head high and believe that you are safe among the obstacle ahead

The rains lift

The sun shines bright as heaven

The water begins to recede

Knowing you held strong to faith

That your alive and well despite the mucky mess

Faith over fear is what you know best

You know you could have drowned in the muddy mess

But you stayed strong and faced on instead

God leading you each step of the way while he carried you on the toughest snags you crossed

Faith over fear God tells us in his word

And trusting that in muddy waters full of barreling hurtles is tough alone

But trusting the rushing waters to let you through is even harder as it’s unknown

Yet unknown isn’t always bad

For in sometime you come out on the other side no lover living in fear

Facing your faith upfront head on

If you focus and let God lead the way

He’ll open the closed gates where you can’t see your way even on the brightest day

The Man Of Many Miracles

The man of many miracles

His name Jesus Christ

King of the Jews

Torn down and humiliated, mocked and betrayed by his name

He raised the dead giving life again

He gave the blind men sight

He walked on water a story of faith that no one could do not you or I

He gave new life to sinners

Healed the broken and sick

This very man called Jesus

Wants to save you too

Save you broken whatever your story

Whatever you’re going through he wants to

Take it from your worry

Giving you a road less broken

a road indestructible and strong

That no man or Satan can break and tear down

Open your heart to him and ask him for his lead

He will never abandon you or leave you on as the side of the road to die

He is a man of many miracles and stories to his name

That takes the broken and lost souls

Giving them life again

Making them whole

Sharing his many miracles

Which changes it all

Words Of His Father

One man to all mankind

Walks along a dirt road

Telling all his life

Sharing all the words he knew

In lesson he began

To speak the words of his good father

So that everyone should know of him too

Each story better than the first

He continued to spread the word

Good news of this book of his father

The only book of his word

The Bible so its called

Is the stories all unheard

Though this one man shared them all

In his life this was his word he lived and breathed by day by day

Good words of honor,faith,hope and love

The Greatest of all, love

Spreading these stories and words

These words we hear out of love

Now our modern day gospel

The stories from above

His Eyes

In his eyes a sparkle of hope

In his mouth words of salvation

In his heart love higher than any

Hope to move forward in all of life

Salvation of everyone including you and me

Love everything more than could ever be

In his eyes joy

In his ears prayers

In his lips truth

Joy of being who he was created

Prayers unanswered waiting for his reply

Truth of his glory given to all

In his eyes I am one of a kind

I am his child

All within wonderful love.

As He Prays

One man sits silently in prayer

Pleading to his father not to send him there

In hope his father has a listening ear

He sits and prays that he take this burden away

His father replies son. You must do this right

You must do this to save many a life

Obediently he gathers heart

Knowing this would be his final hour

That he face death to save a world

Knowing he had done no wrong he accepted wearily to honor his word

Soon it would be his very last breath

As Jesus hangs on a cross and dies

Not looking back

To save you and I out of love for his father and all mankind alike

Saying it is finished he hangs his head in pain one last breath to claim his very name

All this to save you and I

The hope he gave us all

Knowing that though we’re broken

Christ has cleaned us all

Erasing charge for all the wrongs and sins we’ve done

Giving us salvation

A light of hope as we’re promised new life

Everlasting and forever with him

So now that one man who sat on that hill and prayed is now us

Thanking him for his finest gift and hanging on in faith

We now sit in silence and quietly sit and pray

Praying to our father in heaven

Who’s only an ear away