In God’s Time

Isaiah 49:8-9

“In an acceptable time I have heard You,

And in the day of salvation I have helped You;

I will preserve You and give You

As a covenant to the people,

To restore the earth,

To cause them to inherit the desolate heritages;

That You may say to the prisoners, ‘Go forth,’

To those who are in darkness, ‘Show yourselves.’

Isaiah 49:8-9 speaks about how when the time comes for us to be saved in the time of his return that those who are ready and go forth with him in the time will be fervent in prayer and studies in God’s word he will hear all the prayers of the people of the land will show us favor and hear the series of help. He will guide us and protect us since we have shown we are accepting of him. He will build a covenant and promise to keep us safe from plagues and disease. That he will restore the land back so that they again may settle in it once again so that we are no longer held in fear and prisoners of the dark and evil of the land and again we remain in the light of good setting us free those who were in the dark will come out into the light and go forth to be free. They will become like sheep who graze upon the land and hills.

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