Found No Guilt In Me

You died that day on a wooden cross far away

to give me life and save me

Born as a baby as one of us all

Everyone knew you were special before that day

Showing us the greatest love of all

You gave your life for me

Found no guilt in me

For seeing this you died that day

Giving your last breath to save all of us of the ungodly

Pleading in prayer before your last breath you asked your father above to forgive us as sinners and gave over your life

Tortured and tormented you lived the unveiling pain in front of all to see

Being most humble that day you faced all humility as you hung on that cross laughed and mocked at in vain

You humbly gave your life away to save and honor me

I can only see love and your gift to me

Taking away the feeling of my indignity

Humbly you still walk today

As you rose again as you had said that day

Still loving me and honoring me as ever more

Making life important for all

Breaking away the chains of our guilt that bound us to all sin

Honoring us and showering us in everlasting grace and love

For this we can not repay

But thank you for you did it all for me

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