Walk By Faith

2 Corinthians 5:7

For we walk by faith, not by sight.

Our Faith grows as we grow. We walk by faith and not by sight meaning that we cannot see God and we have to believe that he says who he is and believe in him. We may see miracles and have experiences with him but still cannot see him. This then helping us to grow and believe more as believers. Pay attention to your life for God will show you he is real and when you see you’ll be stronger than ever in your faith. Though we need to walk with him by faith and believing and not by what we see. Just a few weeks ago God prevented evil from happening what we saw we would have not believed had we not seen it by the grace of God. Where a drunk driver ran a read light as a family on foot was crossing the road however out of nowhere God sent another car to ram the drunk driver’s vehicle to prevent the family any harm. It looks so unreal yet yup it truly was real and god proved all who believed whom know about it that his grace is real and so is he. It’s little things to bigger things like this that help us see God in our faith.

The Accident of Faith watch it here Someday God may do something spectacular just for you too.

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