Lifeless On The Line

A somber soul, lifeless in a world of no unity, hatred and no peace. Her eyes filled with tears which she can not even cry. Her heart somber and empty not wanting to come out. She lay lifeless in pain that only she bares. With no one around her stepping out to help. Her life and all in it she knows lying on the line. She becomes numb left alone to die with her soul lying on that single line. Her heart broken in half no trust inside left. Her ears def with nothing left for her to listen to and believe in. Her eyes blinded with all the ugly people, untruths and evil which she hides from. Not one thing good for her to see. She lies trembling and mute. Not painting one pretty picture or one soft and gentle tune. She can not even find her own heart and soul within herself any longer to follow on. Her life hardening more every and each on going day. With not even a smile to pull her the rest of the way. Tears drying in a drout of unfair adventure in her life. as she lay lifeless on the line.

Lose You To Love Me

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