The Heart

I sleep upon the night but wake within the morning glow of the sunlight with you by my side holding me so near your my biggest desire, my biggest dream and a wish coming true

When I fell for you I never knew how hard

Yet my heart aches so bad when I’m not with you you are my sunshine on gloomy days you light my way when darkness befalls around me

An inner piece you share with me making magic happen in the night of glory

Sweet smell of your aroma

the way you so softly kiss my neck

The compassion and comfort you give me even on my worst of days

You are the love that surrounds me even in my heartaches and dismays

Your heart is bigger than anything I know

Your words so much deeper than I can even think

You’re my world of what tiny part I know making it larger with more places for me to explore

You are my heart and yours forever true

These things are why I say I love you 💕😘

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