The Heart

I sleep upon the night but wake within the morning glow of the sunlight with you by my side holding me so near your my biggest desire, my biggest dream and a wish coming true

When I fell for you I never knew how hard

Yet my heart aches so bad when I’m not with you you are my sunshine on gloomy days you light my way when darkness befalls around me

An inner piece you share with me making magic happen in the night of glory

Sweet smell of your aroma

the way you so softly kiss my neck

The compassion and comfort you give me even on my worst of days

You are the love that surrounds me even in my heartaches and dismays

Your heart is bigger than anything I know

Your words so much deeper than I can even think

You’re my world of what tiny part I know making it larger with more places for me to explore

You are my heart and yours forever true

These things are why I say I love you 💕😘

My Love, My Beloved

Song of Solomon 5:2

[ The Shulamite’s Troubled Evening ] [ The Shulamite ] I sleep, but my heart is awake; It is the voice of my beloved! He knocks, saying, “Open for me, my sister, my love, My dove, my perfect one; For my head is covered with dew, My locks with the drops of the night.”

In sleep I think of you like I’m awake it is the voice that calls me in the night of the one I love and my hearts desire

Covered with dew and drops of the night so my beloved calls he knocks saying open for me, my sister,my love,my dove,my perfect one

For his love cherishes and endures 


Fill upon me my love make my souls jump and happy fill it with you immense joy and love 

Song of Solomon 1:15

[ The Beloved ] Behold, you are fair, my love! Behold, you are fair! You have dove’s eyes.

Behold the beauty you sustain you’re amazing my love behold the beauty you’re beautiful you have the eyes of doves that show romance and love within peace filled hope 

You are amazing you are all of my hearts desire you fill the night sky with chasen of the heart fullfillimg my love

Hope In Christ

Job 4:6

Is not your reverence your confidence? And the integrity of your ways your hope?

When we have hope in something we believe in something big or a miracle or something to happen God tells us a lot about Hope in his word

Job 4:6

Is not your reverence your confidence? And the integrity of your ways your hope?

He says in Job 4:6 is not your respect your trust?

When we trust in God we have hope that we will walk down the right path he lead us down and that he will do as he promises to provide our every need or to lead us and not stray from us as he told us he never would

Then in the rest of Job 4:6 it states…And the integrity of your ways your hope?

When we trust and have hope in God we are given morals that teach us respect and confidence with trust in the Lord that what you expect and desire of him will be your hope

Job 14:7“For there is hope for a tree, If it is cut down, that it will sprout again, And that its tender shoots will not cease.

When you’ve gotten hope in Christ like in Job 14:7 people may tear you down and try to break you but your faith and hope is so strong that the piece that breaks mends itself again and grows a new seed to re sprout up again in the same foundation only with a new addition restoring that hope where you were broken nothing can break the hope of Christ even if roads look dim like they’re not going in the route of the hope you are waiting for eventually that hope will prevail and give you something better than was already there even if you don’t see it right away restoring again our hope in Christ.

Job 19:10He breaks me down on every side, And I am gone; My hope He has uprooted like a tree.

They can uproot our hope like a tree in a storm with force coming from every side where we feel it is our end but our hope and faith keeps us grounded even if we dislodge that we return much stronger than before hope in Christ is stronger than any hope known he will never forsake you or let you down although hope in men and of the world will