Sunrise, The Break Of Dawn

In the darkness of early morning

And the breaking of dawn

The mist in the air

The dew on everything around

The sound of traffic wizzing by as people travel on the highways mostly on their way to work

The smell of the fresh morning air

The sounds of nature beginning to awake

Children up and about getting ready to go to school

Can you imagine this

These are the sounds of the morning

Sun rise coming up high high and higher into the morning sky

Peace filling the air before the busy of the day and the loud conversation and commotion in mid day

The early morning daylight

Sunrise over the sea and land for all

If your by a stream, river, waterfall or ocean

Listen to the crashing of the waves bringing in tranquility

Sunrise fills each morning into day

Feel as the heat begins to warm

And day brings in light

Then the busy day begins just about eight

While most awake at the crack of dawn at 6


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