The Power Of Grateful Prayers

The Eagle 🦅

Hear the singing in the air

Inspiring a wonderful day

Walking along you see a stream swiftly flowing and uninterrupted

Breeze carrying flights of feathers

Blue and brown

One from a blue jay

And one unknown

You look to the sky and see the bird in sight

Soaring high within the clouds the bird takes flight

You sit and watch and shoot some photography

As it comes through the sky you realize it’s not just a bird it’s an eagle 🦅

In amazement at what you see you watch some more then pick up and leave

smiling from ear to ear

You hear the sound of it screech as if to say goodbye

In honor of this lovely bird of prey

You write this feeling as you’re fully amazed

The Eagle

Sunrise, The Break Of Dawn

In the darkness of early morning

And the breaking of dawn

The mist in the air

The dew on everything around

The sound of traffic wizzing by as people travel on the highways mostly on their way to work

The smell of the fresh morning air

The sounds of nature beginning to awake

Children up and about getting ready to go to school

Can you imagine this

These are the sounds of the morning

Sun rise coming up high high and higher into the morning sky

Peace filling the air before the busy of the day and the loud conversation and commotion in mid day

The early morning daylight

Sunrise over the sea and land for all

If your by a stream, river, waterfall or ocean

Listen to the crashing of the waves bringing in tranquility

Sunrise fills each morning into day

Feel as the heat begins to warm

And day brings in light

Then the busy day begins just about eight

While most awake at the crack of dawn at 6


Hello World Say Hello

Hello world where freedom falls

Where love lives to be free

Where war rages

And seas roar

Where poverty is known from end to end

Where glaciers are melting away

And debris and litter fill your sight

Hello world

Say Hello for you need help with this I say

Hello world

Say hello and ask for help to prevent more damage for an upcoming day

Save yourself today

Save planet earth before it’s too late

Hello world

Say hello

Rays Of Sun

Rays of sunshine glistening on the waters edge

Autumn breezes kicking up the leaves

Cool air blowing gently across your face

Songs of the birds filling the air

As you sit on the riverbank under the wheeling willow in shade

Maturing sun rays glistening on the waters edge

As day falls and sunset moves in

Darkness creeps up as Might takes over in silence again

Till again in the morning dew and sunrise shall the beauty again form of the new fallen sun rays

Reflect Today

Today is the day to over look dismay

Look over what you have and have received

Remember memories and meaning brought in

Today is the day to reflect on old times and reflect on yourself and life

You wouldn’t be who you are without seeing goals and the work and achievements made

You have chosen which way you’ve traveled in life and made your own path in history

You have grown and formed from the memories shared and reflections of your growth in life

Today is time for you to reflect on what your life has been so far and better you for new beginnings tomorrow

In all creating you now

Ending whom you were before

Reflect today and don’t pass time away from what could be a better tomorrow

Welcome Autumn

In the middle of the night the darkness falls

Sun shines again at dawns break

Drops of dew on autumns leaves

Flowers sprung up in the midst of the warm left behind opening the coming of fall

Dew on the scarlets making them smell so fresh

Mist in the breeze sprinkling it’s way upon your face

Chill in the air coming ahead

Harvest is here

Corn stalks and hay making seats and beds

Pumpkins in the patch for great enjoyment and photography

Welcome Autumn once again