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Molded Together In Amazing Perfection

Molded together in amazing perfection

Woven together in perfect form

Work of a master creating his masterpiece

Remembering the work of his creator

Leaving him scars

He gave the ultimate love

In his image we are remembered and perfected

The art of an artist

Work of a dreamer

We are molded together in amazing perfection

Only God

You’re not meant to be perfect

Only God is perfect

You’re not meant to trust in everything

Only God understands everything

You’re not meant to accept everything

Only God is accepting of all

You’re meant to be loving as Jesus was

Sharing in his love 💕

You’re meant to be forgiving in all things which need forgiving including that to yourself

As Jesus did and God is of us

We are all meant to be as Christ

Following in the image he gave

Be yourself but in image of Jesus

You don’t always have to be accepted by all

Only by God

You need to impress him in all you do

Just be you in Christ as Christ is in you