He once lived here just as you and I

He cared for all even those who just passed by

A subtle humble man yes indeed

A man of love and eternal life to see

Given by grace by his father above

He realized he had to share his own love đź’•

The day came that his love would take the price of everything

He gathered with friends once more for their last meal

Said his final loving goodbye

Then went to await

Raising his cross men beat and battered him

Making him carry that cross for miles unseen

Up on a hilltop far away is where they made him carry the cross in his pain

Lifting the cross into the dirt and land they nailed him up upon their greed and shame

he prayed as he loved all so and asked forgiveness upon all

Said to his father father forgive them

He took his last breath and forgave two among him in punishment as he left that day

The greed filled men then took him away

They lay him in a tomb and sealed it away

He gave his life for all our great sins

With no way of us repaying him

Our day of scorn is upon us

Though the beauty in it all is we have been saved by this man we all know and have heard of

He saved us and his father gives us eternal life

If you choose to accept this gift

There will come a day of our very day own where we alone will be judged and held to our own sins unless we believe and take Jesus as our very own repenting of what we’ve done taking him truly as our very own

On that day of judgement only God can claim

Will be our own everlasting life with him our Father and friend

Think about this before your time of judgement has come

Jesus has paid the price for our sins

Repay yourself and him by accepting and believing in this story and gift we received

God is waiting for you in eternity

Jesus loves you

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