The Artist

The essence you bring as you sit and work

Peaceful mind full filling the silence

Like a child gazing at the moon

You sit pondering your work in thought

Nothing interrupting

As you only notice your work in front of you

Painting is what you like best

Drawing relaxes your thoughts

As for me I like all you do

It is an open window to inspiration

You inspire others with what you do

opening new doors they may have never known

Piecing together each little detail and piece you make the ultimate masterpiece that you see

You open the mind letting it fly freely

You’re an artist in many things

An artist is what I see

Please draw something for me

Opening my mind wildly

Essence in what it is you see

Bringing to life your work for everyone to see

Through an artist’s eyes behind the scenes

Making reality into a dreamers dreams

Sales flying out the windows high

Bliss filled moments untold and unseen

An artist you are and will always remain

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