Baby steps

Today is day two of being you

Open your inner soul to a new level show yourself your better than you think 🤔

Yesterday you took one big step

Today take a giant leap

You’ll pull through this faster than you think 🤔

One day at a time baby steps first

Don’t expect a super Huge thing immediately

Life will soon show you the best

The best for you is what we want but baby steps to get there is what we need

One small step after another as you gently work your way to each new step ahead

Slow at first then speed will feel more comfortable in steps you’ll find yourself going faster within your comfort zone

Time will heal

Words will speak

Baby steps is all you need

Rebuild Yourself Again

You built your wall high but came through and began to knock it down

Controlling your inner most fear

I told ya you could I told ya it was safe

You did it all yourself without a sweat or gain

Breaking barriers is what will get you through the struggle you face

I knew and still know you can do this

You just need uplifting and support

One step at a time you’re doing great

May not feel like a lot but you just have to wait

I’m proud of you for what you do

No one can reach the goal except you

One new step each day and you soon travel farther away to that place

Today you draw tomorrow you write

Each day bringing new hope for a better tomorrow

I know you can do it you can indeed

You inspire and encourage and lead the way

You can do this you’re strong of life

Don’t let your fear push you away

Blessings in the end is what you will see when triumph and rewards is given to thee

I know you can do this I know that you can

Show me your strength and rebuild yourself again