Peaceful Sleep

Sleeping like a baby you rest in the peace you can not find

With your voices keeping you awake and down in the dumps

Thinking your crazy yet you are not

Stress keeping you down

And no voice bothering you like nothing else

Forcing you to always run and hide

Never to have peace within yourself or your mind

Look at you now so peaceful at rest

I’m sure if you could see it’s what you’d like the best

Silence to yourself….your best friend

I wish you could find as much peace within life as you do in rest

Sleep is where you find your happiness and quiet place I just wish you could do that within something else too

Yet look at you sleep peacefully still

What can I do to help you find your true will

Quiet is what you like best

Yet others like yourself at work and being and inspiration with their lives with all you do

Helping make them grow as no one else can mending their pains as if there were none

Who you are is a big piece of who they are and who they become

They are a mirror of you and how they see you proud

You lift them and bring them their own inner peace

Something they couldn’t find without you

Your something they face each day for and look up to you for

You don’t see it but you inspire in many ways

Each day is your day

But there you sleep so perfect and peaceful

I’ll let you rest and take all the quiet peace you need

Even though inside I want to wake you and have you inspire much more

Peaceful sleep

Internal slumber

Beauty inside

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