To A New Journey

Writing is my only go to right now as I lay alone to only think of you

I know the longer we’re without one another they say makes us grow fonder

But it feels much less than what they say

I know you wish you could be drawing and writing too

But right now it’s necessity for your inner health where you need to be

A new beginning to come to a new journey in walk and still it will feel somewhat the same

Right now you see this as disaster and disappointment but it’s really to make you healthier happier and stronger with the search of your journey in life

You’ll bring home good thoughts and clear mind once it’s all done

Back to life then you’ll have begun

Welcome back home is what I’ll say for missing you is much to my dismay

Though I’ll await for your health

It’s all can say and do right now

Anytime within the journey of time you’ll be home and I’ll be screaming Wolfie lovey welcome home

For now it’s just a sit and wait

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