Still Tomorrow You Will Be Loved

Still tomorrow you will be loved

Take in heart all the good times you’ve had and showed

Think of all the friends whom have been by your side and pulled you out of deep drowning waters

You are the sunlight brightening someone else’s day

You are the crane that helps people stand on two feet

You make the world a better place and help find all the good in it

Think of all you’ve done and have being doing to change the world

You are more important then you know

Today you are seen for future things

Yesterday you were cherished for who you are

Still tomorrow you will be loved

Keep opening and finding new doors

One day it will be the right door to reach your final destination of who you’ve become from your past

For now though focus on today so you can see tomorrow

For still tomorrow you will be loved

Today you search for a better tomorrow

But know that tomorrow and always you will be loved

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