Death By Suicide (Please read … could change someone’s life)

In the darkness of fear and dispare

feeling like you’ve lost all

With nowhere you turn you become depressed

Leading to a empty hole

you decide to take what you believe is your straw

Taking a bullet you felt all would end

Taking your life in overwhelming shame

Thinking all would be alright now

Bringing all to close and to an end

Yet what you done can never be undone

What you’ve done is ignored a friend who could have been there for you when you needed it most

What you’ve done is let those who care about you be let down

What you’ve done is taken away your key to eternity with Christ

Suicide is never the key

Suicide is not the way out

It only creates more discomfort and stress and depression for all those who love and cherish you

Causing more pain not for yourself but for the love of someone else

Suicide may sound like it will let you free

But it’s just the devil and darkness pulling within you

Think of the ones you love and of if they took they’re life you’d feel the pain of not having them around and as if they were put to shame

Just think

Suicide is not the key

Suicide is not the way

Suicide is only permanent answer for the darkness you feel

It’s pain for the others who look up to you

Who love you

Who walk within your footsteps as they follow your lead

Suicide will get you nowhere but away from eternal life with God

Think about it before you take the wrong path

Suicide won’t fix as you think it will only create more problems for those you leave behind

Stand at the cross and ask for the darkness to be taken from you before it’s too late

Don’t take that short path and walk away

That is the real place when all is too late

To late is not now

Don’t take the path that ends at the rd where there’s no path to turn back

Suicide is not worth it

It’s not the end

It’s the new beginning for others to face

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