To A New Journey

Writing is my only go to right now as I lay alone to only think of you

I know the longer we’re without one another they say makes us grow fonder

But it feels much less than what they say

I know you wish you could be drawing and writing too

But right now it’s necessity for your inner health where you need to be

A new beginning to come to a new journey in walk and still it will feel somewhat the same

Right now you see this as disaster and disappointment but it’s really to make you healthier happier and stronger with the search of your journey in life

You’ll bring home good thoughts and clear mind once it’s all done

Back to life then you’ll have begun

Welcome back home is what I’ll say for missing you is much to my dismay

Though I’ll await for your health

It’s all can say and do right now

Anytime within the journey of time you’ll be home and I’ll be screaming Wolfie lovey welcome home

For now it’s just a sit and wait


Voiceless is how you are but still you’re my rising star

You may not feel bold enough or much more but shining in the night sky you bring light to dark

We manage to find the way to communicate our inner voice in ways we need even through you voiceless life

No it doesn’t matter to me

It’s just too silent without you even with no voice

Your spirit and soul are your voice and without that it’s empty and silent still

You’re amazing and beautiful to me even with a speechless voice for I know how hard life is for you to cope always and my words I speak don’t render what your life is really truly like

But to me it forms you and voiceless is not what I see

Communication will come better in time but for now I’m still alright with this voiceless life

Home Once More

There you stay lonely in the hospital and although it’s only short term it feels like eternity

I sit and wait for you to return home

Back at my side again

I know you must be going crazy missing me

I’m sure you’re thinking about me

This won’t be long though it feels like forever

I wish I could be right at your side

Though long distance keeps us apart and only true to the hearts

It’s only been just over ten hours and I know just like me you’re going insane with missing me

Think of the twenty eight years cherished memories between us

Think of once you get home and can talk to me again

This feels like forever but it’s only just the chapters in between

Forever is still to come

Hope is in the air

Dreams are forever aflame

Memories travel by as you proceed to your final destination

I know you want to talk to me as well as you can with no voice to shout for joy or sing to me once you return

But I promise you it will be once again this isn’t forever it’s just one more chapter in this book of life

I’m in hopes that you’re doing well when I cannot see for myself

Dreams building like a mountain high as I await for forever within true sight

Sun rays shining in your windows warm your heart and let you know of the better tomorrow back with me once more

I know when you read this you may cry but it’s my only way to be with you and see you among the current situations lay upon our side

You’re missed a lot and I can not see life without eternity

Silence and wonder are driving me crazy

Yet I know you haven’t forgotten me

Be safe be smart and return home where you belong once more

Voiceless isn’t always a bad thing as it prepares me better for the silence when that’s too loud to think as loud as it is familiar it is as well

Vocals aren’t always what they seem

No these words I say aren’t a dream

They’re all from my heart me pouring out

As I lay in silence and pray

I know you’ll be home soon but soon isn’t close enough with our love

You’ll now be reading this you’re finally home once more

Life Without You

Life without you

My dreams shattered

My sun darkened

My joy taken

All in absence of lonely dispare

You tell me all will be fine and I’ll be okay

But life without you I can not face

This silent empty abyss

I look in the mirror feeling so alone

You once were my best friend and now you’ve pulled away again

I only tried to give you humor and be closer as we once were

Now you’re leaving and I’m all alone

Only wishing you’d return

Love identifying as lost in the horizon

Life without you I can not bear

This feeling of loneliness and emptiness I can not find

Life without you I can not face

Still Tomorrow You Will Be Loved

Still tomorrow you will be loved

Take in heart all the good times you’ve had and showed

Think of all the friends whom have been by your side and pulled you out of deep drowning waters

You are the sunlight brightening someone else’s day

You are the crane that helps people stand on two feet

You make the world a better place and help find all the good in it

Think of all you’ve done and have being doing to change the world

You are more important then you know

Today you are seen for future things

Yesterday you were cherished for who you are

Still tomorrow you will be loved

Keep opening and finding new doors

One day it will be the right door to reach your final destination of who you’ve become from your past

For now though focus on today so you can see tomorrow

For still tomorrow you will be loved

Today you search for a better tomorrow

But know that tomorrow and always you will be loved

Death By Suicide (Please read … could change someone’s life)

In the darkness of fear and dispare

feeling like you’ve lost all

With nowhere you turn you become depressed

Leading to a empty hole

you decide to take what you believe is your straw

Taking a bullet you felt all would end

Taking your life in overwhelming shame

Thinking all would be alright now

Bringing all to close and to an end

Yet what you done can never be undone

What you’ve done is ignored a friend who could have been there for you when you needed it most

What you’ve done is let those who care about you be let down

What you’ve done is taken away your key to eternity with Christ

Suicide is never the key

Suicide is not the way out

It only creates more discomfort and stress and depression for all those who love and cherish you

Causing more pain not for yourself but for the love of someone else

Suicide may sound like it will let you free

But it’s just the devil and darkness pulling within you

Think of the ones you love and of if they took they’re life you’d feel the pain of not having them around and as if they were put to shame

Just think

Suicide is not the key

Suicide is not the way

Suicide is only permanent answer for the darkness you feel

It’s pain for the others who look up to you

Who love you

Who walk within your footsteps as they follow your lead

Suicide will get you nowhere but away from eternal life with God

Think about it before you take the wrong path

Suicide won’t fix as you think it will only create more problems for those you leave behind

Stand at the cross and ask for the darkness to be taken from you before it’s too late

Don’t take that short path and walk away

That is the real place when all is too late

To late is not now

Don’t take the path that ends at the rd where there’s no path to turn back

Suicide is not worth it

It’s not the end

It’s the new beginning for others to face