Be The One To Make A Change

Pondering the things within

The things you can not name

Bubbling over the joys set forth before you

Each day brings something different and new

Trying to keep the work a better place for all to enjoy

Sing a song with a meaningful note

Write a letter to bring out a tiny smile on someone’s face

Share a day with someone showing that you care

Nothing ever to small will break or tear

It’s just the effort of the effect that shows potential and power to the things you do

Brighten someone’s day by opening up a door

No matter what you do it’s the gesture you show

Nothing to big and nothing too small

Can break the things you show and do

Do it once do it twice the more you do it shows there’s still someone nice

It’s called polite

it’s called manners

It’s called someone who gives a helping hand

a heart that gives gets larger everyday

It doesn’t hurt to do right from wrong on any day

Be the one to make a change

Speak out and show someone else

Be the voice to those ones that not many see

Tell a friend about a business that needs a helping hand or that needs a new home

open the doors to the amazing unknown

Bring out the joys of everyday life and make the world a more beautiful place

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