He Is The Soldier

He comes in the shadows of the afternoon sun

Leaves in the darkness of the dimming evening night

Hiding in the blackest corners of his rooms

Sometimes the coldest area of the day or night

Sleeping in bed made of wood board and wood planks

Or just a mat thin as grain

Dressed in fatigue

They stand proud and strong

To be respectful of everything and everybody around

Yet being part of service is never the easiest

Job around but they’ll be the strongest and most respected in town

He is the soldier trained for war

The friend to the starving in need he found along the way

The father away welcomed home with the biggest hug and tears cried

He is loyal tied up and signed

In the end he’s the one you can trust to help you in need

One Friend

In life’s turns we get lifted

We get bullied

We get brought down

But in the end there’s always one friend who holds us strong and roots us to the ground

One friend who holds us firm

One friend who lifts us to our height of balance

One friend who’s alway’s gonna be there through out our ups and downs

That’s the friend that makes the best in us shine and come out

That friend is always honorable and true

in the end that friend I talk about is you

Love Embraced

love embraced

sacred words spoken

peace coming in from every good feeling coming along

sacred memories reminding us of better days

as love fills the air where life fills within in negativity

embracing time

long ago

held onto within summers midnight rains

love embraced

sacred words remain

l’amour embrassé

mots sacrés parlés

la paix venant de tous les bons sentiments à venir

souvenirs sacrés nous rappelant de meilleurs jours

comme l’amour remplit l’air où la vie se remplit de négativité

embrassant le temps

il y a longtemps

tenu au sein des pluies de l’été minuit

l’amour embrassé

mots sacrés restent

Missing You More Than You Know

Missing you more than you know

living everyday thinking of you

here without you near

tears falling from my eyes missing you

your on my mind nothing can replace the bond that we have

the joy we share

the memories we made

everything would be empty without you

missing you so

your on my mind

Giving Heart

You look at me with star gazing within your eyes

Worry in your heart and mind

For a life your temporarily unable to support

A heart you want to withhold for your own forever

A story you can not beat

As your support and travel leads you to carry on and carry me to succeed

A heart built of love and faith

The willingness to keep going and fight

Strive for best to hold on

A willingness to stay strong and ready to survive

Not give up and run for the cliff

But have a ready heart to stay alive and strive

With your support pulling her to hold firm and carry on

Giving heart

Gone With The Wind

Gone with the wind

Breeze brushing throughout your hair

I know your not gone forever

That you’ll always be near

But my heart misses you like you just don’t know

When your gone with the wind

Waiting like a child waiting to go to a candy store

Not wanting you to leave out that front door

I know duty calls

And your gone with the wind

However my heart calls to you to stay and come home again