Laying Layden In Pain

Laying laden in pain

Every tear from your eye drained

You feel a fight that your not sure is written within

Done all you can to stay focused and keep going on

Laying layden in pain

Unsure if there’s anything more to come

Stiff and tense with all muscle left there is

Drowning within your own tears

Pain you can not hide or subside

Rings of time breaking within each gesture you make

Trying to capture the rising of the sunny days ahead

Pain laying layden deep within upon your bed

A Beautiful Star

I look beyond your eyes

I see what they can’t see

The beauty beyond that shy hidden smile

You are the world in so many ways that God has blessed you

Your wings and heart are large in every way

Your love goes beyond the measures of the universe

You mean so much that only one who takes the time to believe and see will know

You are so much more than you could be imagined

No one can measure to the beauty and kindness of love you gave everyday

You are immeasurable

Your heart is always so close and near

Full of joy and peace around

You are everything that builds me up

You are my world within and out

You are my everything

You are a beautiful star

Embrace Of Love

Embraced in the loving arms of strength and passion of the loving family you crave and want to be with and around everyday

living alone in a corner of life with no one around silence and secrets being formed

embracing the love and happiness of family always by your side

protecting me and guiding me in genuine love, loyalty and trust

Missing the embrace of love of my loving family again wanting them home

Missing them so