Back In The Arms Of My Family

Praying everyday for trust and safety of my family  I try to respect them in every way yet something always backfires me doing what’s best always ends up hurting me and someone somehow and all my respect backfires me I want to wake from this bad dream back to reality and safety back home with the love of my loved ones I love out of this empty fog of nothing I’m feeling hurting me back in the arms of my family

Am I a Dreamgirl Or Reality

I don’t want to be left behind or alone
I don’t want to be lost in a figment of the mind
I don’t want to be forgotten left alongside
I want to be remembered each and everyday
And kept in contact with like always
I want to be remembered and known as a good friend
Not just a dreamgirl of someone’s thoughts and imagination
Am I a dreamgirl or is this reality
I need to know

The Christmas Blessing

Christmas brings peace and to believe in what we thought we couldn’t be strong enough for yet we overcome the hardships and share the blessings with one another of the love ❤️ one generates within giving out blessing to others for them to receive sharing the Christmas joy that only ones heart and spirit can bring.