Don’t Change Who or What You Are

I stand in awe of you 

To face another day 

Nothing is hidden in your presence 

Nothing is unseen by your eye 

The gentle whisper of the mornings kiss

The brisk sunshine breeze and fresh airs breath 

Nothing is uncomfortable 

Nothing is unmeasurable to you

You promised to protect me and watch me in everything I do

You formed beyond imagination 

Beyond any human creation

Within my mothers womb

You made me strong

You made me unbreakable

You made me a masterpiece of who I am becoming 

You won my heart and soul forever through eternity 

Your mastering my lock and key of the doorway into my legends of my story

Your building my character 

Of whom your never yet finished 

Your making me stronger more humble and honorable 

More than I’d ever had been able to see or imagined 

My brain yet just a seed out measuring you mastering mind

Your not finished with me yet

still so much you have to build on 

To make me who our really want me 

and have me where I’m meant to be

But throughout the suffering patients is the hardest key

I know that you have not left me 

for if you ever would though you wouldn’t 

You know I would surely die

Nothing is to unmeasurable 

Nothing is beyond you 

I love you 

All the glory goes beyond saying 

Your love is so incredible 

So majestic is your power beyond words or the world 

Thank you aren’t even words enough to cover beyond feelings 

Just keep being you

And keep building me to who and where I’m meant to be

I’m trying to be so patient as I amand always before 

I’m trying to wait and hold out for the next open door 

Don’t change who or what you are

I Won’t give up on you or me

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