Darkness Of Nights Terrified/ Gods Promise of Remaining With Us In Suffering 

Terrified and alone in the darkness of the nights I feel when I try to sleep each night

although I know God is here with me and your snuggling me too just being held by both of you knowing I’m safe my fear still keeps me awake

when I do sleep having nightmares sometimes then crying cause I just want to be held in your arms and just be held away from this haunting nightmare of a life I have

my wings don’t shield my own fears only those of others I have been assigned my duty you are my love I feel everything you go through but when night falls fear sets in because you sleep and rest your heath and heart and my rest and sleep fails because of the fears of the nights and evil within and around that has taken over my life and surrounds me leaving me struggling and suffering

I feel God and you holding me tight in the night and know I am safe but once darkness falls it falls hard and most nights have become sleepless in fear

I want you so much more near

I want you here

I want me out of this slave house 😔

Yes I know God is here and protecting me even in my suffering he promised is he always would

But I’m terrified too high activity of Haunts and being alone here

I need you now I love you😖😇🙏🏻

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