Lost In Grey Blue Skies

Lost in grey blue skies 

While everyone sits back and denys

Leaving her handicap and alone

Emotions and pain filling around her

as emotional scars form

Fear abuse and abandonment 

Wrestling herself to trust and sleep 

As darkness surrounds her

Shadows fall and deamons rise

The spirit of the living God holds to her tight

Promise of protection always day and night

Holy Spirit filling her thoughts with his true

Purest words setting her free

Helping her see the path to where she needs to 


Terrified of the evil surrounding her in the midst

Of even the darkest night

Yet knowing somehow even if she doesn’t 

Survive she’ll be alright 

Jesus has this battle and is holding her tight

It’s all just mental and emotional turtore they’re 


She’s strong like her mom

She’ll be fine in the Lord 

Thy Will be done

In time not mine

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