This Is Not My Battle I Am Only The Vessel

img_3749Up on a hill I kneeled upon a rock

I sat for hours praising my father and Lord

Knowing he heard my every word

I sat and praised him hours at a time

As I cried

Father God hear my prayers…

I know your listening I know you hear me and your there

He heard as I cried

But steadily I remained and cried and prayed

As he heard my every word

I will praise you in this storm for I know I am weak in this battle I face

Yet it is not mine

This battle is yours and I am just the vessel

Tears dripping from my eyes I continued to cry out and praise him on this rock on the hill

For he already knows and he’s already there taking all I’m giving him in praise and tears pleading

He always knows before I

He’s always near and ahead of the game before I feel overwhelmed.

This is not my battle I am only the vessel

Jesus take the wheel

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