I’m Not The little Girl I Once Was/ Life Is Not The Same Anymore

As a little girl you’d walk me to the post drop box and the corner store always saying Jenren look for the four leaf clovers with me I’d get my knees two, three, four times or more till I gladly found so many four leaf clovers to make you proud and would come running back to present my prizes to you as you were slowly catching up from behind you were younger than that was when you could teach me to draw, taught me ceramics and painting pottery and how to cook chocolate molds now ninety years have gone by for you and you’ve become and angel and gone home with your husband and Jesus where you wanted to be yet my life with you still only feels just like yesterday. Yet your not here anymore. You’re in heaven with Christ. But I still hold all the memories we’ve ever shared and that’s how your legacy lives on now invthrough me and now your free. You shall always be loved and missed and always my Mom Mom but it’ll be different now in some way. I’m glad you are happpy and with Jesus and free. I’m glad there was no suffering. I even glad that God chose me to spend the last moments with you for those last two days even if I did miss lots of sleep. You were more important than me at the time. You were becoming royalty. I will always love and miss you dear Mom Mom but now your forever engraved within my heart soul and memory. I’m no longer that little girl I once was and life is not the same anymore.

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