Priceless, Irresistible And Irreplaceable 

Eyes are not blind to truths 

Love can not be given a name or title

Ears hear what they care to hear

Your heart beats a beat for every feeling generated and releleased 

The heart is priceless and irreplaceable 

Love is the maturity you’ve earned and gained throughout every journey you traveled good or bad creating you into a gift from God given for love to the one he chose for you

Dressed in white he’s cleansed you made you whole again

Giving you hope and a heart of everlasting love to share with that forever one partner he has picked for you

You can’t be sold or baught 

Your love holds no limit or price tag 

You can’t buy the one he holds dear just for you 

Your heart and love are forever faithful and priceless 

Irresistible and irreplaceable

Love is a gift from God given for those who learn it and accept it

It’s a feeling you get and grow with yourself as you mature and grow with the spirit

Your Priceless 

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