It’s Christmas Eve Alone 

It’s Christmas Eve alone

When I should be excited and happy about the coming of the birth of a son Jesus Christ and Christmas we celebrate 

I sit here alone just me and my tree I know I’m not the only one

Yet with my kids gone Christmas isn’t so much fun and I have nothing but me and my tree alone on Christmas Eve 

I should be happy and extatic and feeling amazing

However I’m down and blue missing my kids 

Having no Christmas second year in a row and just not even caring just feeling alone with me and my tree

What a memorable holiday

Lord please bring my kids back to me 

Make a miracle so I can be mom again and not just me that dad still treats as a kid at age 39 

I’m down and alone with just me and my tree not looking into Christmas holiday this year yes I know I should be 

But it’s just nothing without my children my only caring family 

So it’s Christmas Eve alone with just me and my tree

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