Beats of Mastering

In All Glory

I’m weak and numb

Time has slowed down it feels like I’ve failed

myself and you and all life whom I know

I’m weak and numb feel as I can’t face

Yet you Carry me through smiling in all glory as if all is okay

You go before me and be my burning strength

I try to understand putting myself in your care but my weakness overwhelms filling around me with darkness

Yet you still continue to restore me filling me with your strength even as it drains

You fill me with every last drop till I can stand alone on my own two feet steady and strong again

Reminding me I’m not going through this alone your going through it with me just as well

You even worse as you lost a son

I a father but still I have you my Heavenly Father and I am not alone in this

For you are there as well filling my weaknesses with your strength as you wait for me to fill with the glory I then receive.

Written for someone special who lost their father.

It’s Christmas Eve Alone 

It’s Christmas Eve alone

When I should be excited and happy about the coming of the birth of a son Jesus Christ and Christmas we celebrate 

I sit here alone just me and my tree I know I’m not the only one

Yet with my kids gone Christmas isn’t so much fun and I have nothing but me and my tree alone on Christmas Eve 

I should be happy and extatic and feeling amazing

However I’m down and blue missing my kids 

Having no Christmas second year in a row and just not even caring just feeling alone with me and my tree

What a memorable holiday

Lord please bring my kids back to me 

Make a miracle so I can be mom again and not just me that dad still treats as a kid at age 39 

I’m down and alone with just me and my tree not looking into Christmas holiday this year yes I know I should be 

But it’s just nothing without my children my only caring family 

So it’s Christmas Eve alone with just me and my tree