I Have Helped You Stand Upon Your Two Feet Again.

Angel Takes Flight

I have given you my heart.
I have turned over all my soul
I have held out my hand to help you stand upon your two feet when you were tumbling day and night in a distorted life.
I have given you love like you well deserve I have been a friend and will remain one until the end.
I have changed your life as you have me.
I have lead you along the golden way and have made things better and brighter for you when you have led yourself astray.
When you were traveling down the wrong path I didn’t run away I was a friend and I stayed
I made you see the things that you could not see.
Giving you all you ever wanted or needed even when I couldn’t even afford.
Together each of reopening our hearts instead of walking away from all hopes and dreams…

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Published by J. Palmer

I am Age 41. Living under the wings of God and the angels around me keeping me going and safe.

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