Writers Block

Your stuck in writers block

Something you don’t quite understand 

Mind working on overload 

stressed out in high demand

You try to think all you get is detailed blanks

You try to write and get white pages looking back at you staring you in the face

Yup your in in writers block once again

You want to write yet you brain says not now 

Frustrated as you sit there craving words,poetry, story anything to come

Even just a dream to come out but 

It’s all silence and white pages blowing away 

Not even one word but the dictionary’s word of the day

Just one writing and I’ll be satisfied 

From writing three a day daily to not even one daily I can not grasp

Writers block is not my place of happiness or success 

I tell you I’m not satisfied here

Yes I know… I just wrote 1 and said I’d be satisfied but this is not the one that satisfied me

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