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A Love Letter From God

He Is Lord



A Love Letter From God

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Hope for a miracle

Pray with passion

Listen in the silence

Hear his voice and his word

Receive his blessings

Accept his gifts

Know his presence

Know him intimately

He will remain always true and faithful in all you do to you

He is Lord

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Life’s Black Jack Twenty-one Ten

Living life lost

Refraining from the rating tears

Trying to stay strong

While life only crumbles around your feet for way too long

Not a drinker of beer 

Or into anything of substance or shame

Just try to hold together strong to be brave and survive the way I can

Not easy by any means

Although you may always see me smile tears flow more than I ask for too

Life isn’t easy I’m not here to complain 

I’m not here to brag that I have nothing to brag about anyhow 

Im here to fight to live right and pull what tricks I can out of life just to manage to survive and fight

Something I never asked for not an ally I chose

A life I was handed in life’s hand of twenty one ten black jack check again

I don’t know the winning path

I don’t know the outcome 

I don’t even know answers

But I’m doing best I can 

Just fight and survive 

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