Something Goods Coming My Way

Something goods coming my way 

Right now it may not feel that way

But something goods coming my way

In desperate despair I fall to my knees and pray

Tears rolling down my pail weak struggling face

Till one day I hear an Angel sing

Reminding me soon my fight will be nothing bust dust in the wind 

Blessings will be given when time is right 

Then I will know even if everything didn’t go to my plans as I saw God was there 

Something goods coming my way 

Giant Shadow/The Storm moves in

Like a great giant shadow rolling in over the land

Billowing in like rushing sands

Black thunder clouds come before the mass of the storm

Dark and dreary rumbling like a stampede the great giant shadow falls up the land

Winds beeping to wisp by hitting your face 

You can tell the rageing Storm is near 

Coming in fast like a locomotive you hear the wind boils and thud as it makes it’s booming 


You know this is a bad one 

The rain behind you  begins to fall hard like a fountain 

Yet it has yet to catch you so you begin to run to shelter 

Away from the large black shadow haunting the land 

Before it gets really bad 


Imagination can take off while you sit still in silence

A dreamers dream can become real walking into reality

While reality stands in the onlooking to see and learn

Learning is the hardest part of everything you believe

Believing begins with your imagination

Only you can create your journey and world

But you have to believe

Believing starts with the imagination

Then creating your reality

My Little Songbird

Fiddle sticks and branches

berries cheeries and leaves

a silent sound carried on the summer breeze

a song like a whisper heard on the wind

wings of flight soaring high

fly my little song bird take flight

enlighten me with your songs tonight

sing in harmony sing in charm sing in whisper catching the winds song

sing my little songbird

sing me a beautiful morning melody

sing me an afternoon tune

sing me a bedtime dreamweaves song

I don’t care songbird just sing to me

you may find I’ll sing along

When You Have Writers Block

When you have writers block and can’t think at times turn your heart back to the music hear it ringing in your ears it’ll open all the pathways in your heart bringing you home again to the new words of new chapters and new song and new poetry bringing out again the best of me out of the lost to being found in your inner self once again always keep trying it comes when times are perfect.

Breath Deep

Deep breath

relief of stress

listening to the sounds of song and music

relaxation taking me over

breath deep

breath in

stress free

breath again

dont hold tight to the stress it’ll pull you down

loosen it let it drop and relax instead with each breath you take in

deep breath take it in

feel it release

relief of stress letting go yet still with each breath you breath

stress free

breath deep

that’a the simple key to relaxation and stress free


Silence can be heard without an ear listening

silenece is a golden whisper in the night

silence is a challenge

a peace life brings

a ripple in the wind

silence is a gift of time handed and passed on to you

cherish silence

silence is time spent just he and you

time handed to you for you from God

silence is golden when you accept the gift


Strong                              3-23-2016

Your strong
You know that
I love you because of that
I love you because you are
Strong in love
Strong in faith
Strong in hope
Strong in knowledge
Strong in life
Strong in loyalty
Strong in truth
Strong in trust
Strong in honesty
Most of all strong in me
Strong in Christ
Stay strong child
I love you
Now rest
Your work is done
Stay strong in me
I will lead you always

Be Strong

Be Strong                                       3-23-2016

I know it’s tough and long
But focus
Time it comes when you work hard
When you fight to be strong
Relax but be strong
Don’t let your guard down
Keep fighting, keep working hard
Your doing good
You’re alright
Keep up a good strong fight
Be strong