Remember When You Were A Little Girl 

Remember when you were a little girl 

You use to play with and curl your hair

Always full of life and Joy trying to be tough 

Hanging around your brother and the boys

A tomboy you were daring and ready for any challenge that came your way

Now you’ve grown up becoming more modest 

And even becoming a mom the biggest challenge yet 

Not much has changed but there’s stronger values now that mean more in life to you than they ever did before as you try to raise three 

Remember when you were a little girl I said I’d always be beside you, we’d walk together you and me into eternity 

Your an adult mow almost forty 

I’m still by your side as I claimed I always would be 

Walking right beside you 

There for you in everything you need 

I stay with you watching over you day and night 

I love you so….

I gave you life

I gave my son to save you and help you get eternity  

I still shall never leave you

Here I will always stay by your side 

Remember when you were a little girl 

This is the promise I made to you

God Steady In First Place

Tears run down your face within yourself your lost you can’t feel you can’t find your place

Numb within your skin and bones you tremble the pain of which is all you feel 

Your heart tender and hurting on its own 

Holding all the pains that only you and the spirit know no one else knows

Days hard to see thru tears streaming your face anymore

Hope hard to come by holding open the door 

All ambitions being lost 

Focus loosing face 

Heartbroken feeling down

God steady in first place