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Help change Lives

Visit us Live now!!!!
It’s the final days of The Charity Ride! – text Steve to 91999 to donate! I’m raising money and awareness fort the Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation – we provide mentorship to young boys and girls from fatherless homes. Visit for more info! 

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Save The Dreams

When the kids and I first talked about adding music to the site we discussed our music and adding our favorite artists we liked then we began making songs so the ideas kinda changed then someone suggested we even add our Pandora radio stations as well then there was talk of we could advertise to help the artists or something and during all this is when they took my kids and I am NOT about to see my kids dreams get torn away from them all they’re life as mine have from me and their poem pages be closed because they are not here to write anymore so I still have no help, no answer, no friends, no way and still have my own dreams but right now this is about the dreams and mission of the kids and determination to get right what has been wrongfully done and save my kids and their dreams and my family

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Help Feed The Hungry
Kids of south Sadan 
food for the hungry please help out
800 525 5683

106.9 Fm in Philly area

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I Will Not Break

When you want to trash me, break me tear me down  I hold firm and stand stronger than ever standing my ground hanging on to my own faith and strength living as Christ

walking with Christ holding to Jesus hand walking as a strong Christian not letting go of my belief in my faith for I know he I s guiding me and leading me in all I do and say in every way I lead he is in me and I with he you and no one can every take that from me. I will not Break.

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Finding The Best In You

When your thoughts dream on the most important focuses around and still have room for more thought to drift in yet you sit heavily just on that one thought you won’t allow to let go cause it feels too good and it brings out just the best in you realizing that is truly where you want to stay and want to be.Bringing out you finding the best in you.

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Close My Eyes

I close my eyes in hopes it will all wash away

knowing when I reopen it will still be the same

being strong holding values strong into Jesus

i count my blessings and face my battles

through Christ with humble emotions

as I hold tight in my guidance of faith

knowing God is always near and listening when I need him there

I trust and stay strong and keep soaring on ahead knowing he’ll carry me where I need to be

he leads me he is my savior and guide true

i will stay silent and continue to close my eyes

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Fall On My Knees To Pray

No finances
No house
No kids as they were taken from me
No car
Can’t drive
Fall on my knees to pray and cry
at the foot of the cross
when my emotions need release
Boing to the ground turning all to God
So that it no longer weighs me heavily down
Asking for your grace and miracle each and everyday
Patience is so hard to feel thru these tears my spirit releases
Yet I stay faith by your side everyday in hopes and fall on my knees to pray and cry
Nothing for me
Just my loyalty and bible reading awaiting
With tear stains in place
Awaiting reunite with my family together again as one.

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