Daughters Of Mine 

Written in 2006 

Daughters Of Mine

Daughters of mine
There once was a day that you were born that you had put your full trust into me

Daughter of mine

There once was a time that you were so tiny that you would let me hold you all day

Daughter of mine

as much beauty as you show

you still in so many ways seem to have lost some of me along the way too

No matter how long I try to keep you in line

you seem to always find one step further to cross that line still

Daughter of mine

no matter what I will always love you

although I must say that I miss our closeness and your deep eye to eye gaze

of the time when you trusted me most

I don’t know what I have done to damage that if I did

or if it is just you growing older along your years still young of age

But the change in who you are in some sense has affected me

causing me tears and pain wishing it all were there again

When I could hold your entire fragile tiny body so delecate and young

holding you within my two hands keeping you safe and holding every piece of your beauty in my hands

Waiting so long to see you and watch you grow

seeing your delicate smooth soft beauty formed fresh out of the womb

having tears of happiness cry tears of joy

I only pray that one day it shall all return again

that we may be as happy as before

with as much trust as I seen in your eyes that day you were born

No matter how much turbulance we may come upon

you will always be

the daughter of mine

my daughter

my child

Dedicated to my 4 daughters

All my love

Katrina Amber-Renee

BrieAnna Elizabeth

Sarah Danielle


Jaimie Lynne

🙂 I love you girls!! 🙂

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