My Total Passions In Life

I’ve got determination built within my mind and I’m not after anything but to get my kids now my passions of life throughout my childhood have always been my talents since I was young my mom used to put me to bed with John Denver and the muppets every night  when I was a toddler and because of it he baca me my favorite artist

She knew when I was young that I had a love and inspiration for music immediately as it always soothed me  I do not like war or violence or having to attack but I’m not willing to end a fight for freedom, my life and my kids back

My passions in life go as hereby follows

1. My faith

2. music/song and writing


I will always continue to do it monastery if I gain what help I need or not I have no money, no job, no car, can not drive and have never been poplar and am not outreaching for popularity this is all about the closest things meant and done wronged to my heart and gone wrong and need help becoming right to fix my wounded spirit and hopefully regain my life raped from beneath me and my kids raped from my womb otherwise nothing more I just want freedom from the situation and control and abuse and peace within nothing more unless God has helpful ideas in store I am only a vocalist is all I nolonger remember my instruments I used to play and YESSSSSSS I TOTALLY LOVE doing my singing all the way but I will have to see what life delivers me I don’t know what tomorrow holds and my KIDS right now are NUMBER 1 first 

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