When An Angel Is Layden With Pain

My heart is thickened and heavy layden with the amount of pain outweighing it not beating very strong enough with the hope drowning within the tears shattered in pieces a piece for each soul I am protecting right now I give the shattered shar your very own piece for you to keep protect and grow just because it has broken in pain from off of my wing it has not died it still holds my storylines and faith and your will to go on and make it grow and prosper and provide this is who I am and who God created me nothing has ever changed who I am today and who I move forth to grow to better become in me wherever that ahead may be but when each piece of my tears that cry fall it is written with a name or hope when a piece of my wing breaks off it is so the feathers are dropped for the ones who I’ve been helping in hopes that they find their answer they seek and once they do the feather becomes their reward and their journey becoming their story for strength for them to grow stronger bigger and keep its okay don’t fret that feather is me walking with you all the way and I am not dieing just letting you go on by yourself just like God Angels aren’t only always helping only one but several to get up again from their fall they have taken and claimed from their own I’m here should you need me again don’t cry don’t fret I’m always near and my wing shall grow in stronger making me stronger again than what I am even than yet you can be strong too you and I both know that you can it just takes time, heart once mended from the pain you feel and focus and a lot of hard work but then you’ll make this task what it’s meant to be just have the faith and believe your okay trust in me as you always have Christ would not let you down when you’ve journied this far  but you have to believe he has a purpose it’s just not yet time to speak and see just trust and believe is we can do to see right now with the blessings he brings you and I are being tempted by works of evil around us everyday and this is part of the earthly game that’s played the truth and the blessing come from Christ you see not me I’m just the messenger here to help you be strong hold you firm,  train you when you’ve learned wrong and help to make you see just who I am so that you will trust and have faith and believe my words I give but your first is to stay firm in Christ, hold strong to faith and believe then in that time it’s then when Christ has seen your faithfulness that he will give you the answer you seek when he sees your commitment and self belief it’s then that he will pronounce your given answer my friend


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