Enlightened Heart

I heard it spoke to you lastnight got maybe a little bit of some interesting somehow insights 

I told you have faith believe in what you know and believe in your heart is right 

Christ is listening and JUDGE of you not this world 

I liked the difference in change in the tones of carryover with one another in witness and love and not anger and dismay and destruction of the two brief seconds I got in you I am well pleased nice job in the end you shall each be voice for that of only the world as long as you shall each stay faithfully whole heartedly focused in God as much as you try to with your jobs as well

I believe it may bring out more love not only with your issues but with those of the people of the world itself as well

For when we are voice out in front of the pedestal of all around us we also are the example and the spark for all of them to follow in our steps 

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